CosmoMed Summery

CosmoMed LTD. is an emerging leader in the wholesale and distribution of pharmaceutical products, medical supplies and medicated cosmetics products in Gaza Strip.  The company possesses strong business ties with domestic and foreign producers on various contractual agreements levels. As CosmoMed Started operating in July of 2008, it followed a very advanced management and sales strategy that is aimed at insuring proper market entry and gaining an accelerated yet confident market position.

Today, CosmoMed’s is proud to provide the local market with state-of-the-art products ranges through its well established network of  local pharmacies, warehouses, wholesale and distribution companies as well as  drug stores located all over the areas of Gaza Strip. CosmoMed’s network consists of hundreds pharmacies and a wide range of supermarkets and specialized point of sales.  This has allowed CosmoMed to cover over 90% of credible sales outlets in Gaza Strip with extensive follow up and market know how.


CosmoMed’s Structure

CosmoMed LTD. is a company organized according to the following functional approach. All business functions are done through institutionalized departments and sectors. The departments are responsible for Management, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, as well as Warehouse & distribution.  The total number of the full time team members responsible for managing and implementing these functions has reached 11 professionals and support staff. 

This functional management process has allowed CosmoMed to develop and control its operations in accordance with its gradual increase of market share and resources.  This includes a fully installed system of multi product/line management, accurate and fast delivery of orders, reliable cash flow management, and a growing stable base of customers.


CosmoMed’s Business Development

CosmoMed is dedicated to provide and distribute innovative and valuable drugs and cosmetics to its customers. Accordingly, CosmoMed investing in further development of its internal and external environment to maintain achieving its goals.  As a strong attention is allocated to updating the company’s growth through assigning high level market research and development associates to provide advisory and planning services, equal attention is allocated to collaborative opportunities including foreign and domestics-licensing, co-research and development, and co-promotion and marketing with pharmaceutical companies.


CosmoMed’s believes that investment in its team is its key to deliver success and serve its markets and associate suppliers.  Therefore, continued attention to the team member’s needs, feedback, training and development is the top priority in any future plan.  As a result, a high quality sales and marketing driving force leads of CosmoMed’s growth and capability of reaching out to foreign and domestic competitive suppliers.