• Dr. Fischer

    Fischer Pharmaceuticals is a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced health care preparations in the fields of dermatology, opthalmology and nutraceuticals, Dr. Fischer products are distributed to all Gaza market by CosmoMed.

    Cosmetics - BARGHOUTI Co. PA.


  • Al-Jaleel

    Al-Jaleel is a generic pharmaceuticals manufacturer in Palestine. manufacturing a wide range of over the shelf and prescription drugs; thier product offering is different in terms of quality and perception.

    Pharmaceutical - West Bank, PA.

  • Dr. Ramiz

    Dr. Ramez company is a modern plant damaging, manufactures and markets nutritional supplements and cosmetics, The plant produces a wide range of nutritional supplements and cosmetics and distributed to all Gaza market by CosmoMed.

    Food Supplements & Cosmetics - Akko, Israel.



    Your skin is unique, Vichy offers a wide range of skincare solutions to ensure that you can find one that is best adapted to your skin's needs. Discover Vichy Discover the Beauty.

    Cosmetics - MEDIX Ltd, PA.



    Your beauty, mood and endurance depends very much on the way that you behave and the choices you make in your life. Enjoying as much as possible low polluted environments, consistent exercising, being open minded, a healthy diet and your own selection of food supplements can make you happier, give you a better look and improve your quality of life, choose the better- choose MARNYS.

    Food Supplements - ALSAFI Co, PA.